Explore our Super 8 Wedding Films

Digital images and films are instantly made, shared, posted or not, and most never make it into our hands. I wonder if they don’t make the same impression on our hearts and minds as the mediums of yore.

Super 8 film and instant photos allow us to physically hold an object carrying the memories, milestones, and moments we cherish. We’ll get to revel in those moments as we wind the film onto a projector and hear it click away as we see ourselves grow together (or stream it on a tablet - I’m not a total dinosaur after all!)

A speck of dust, the end of the film roll, or the angle of the sun can create an unexpected and beautiful effect that no Instagram filter can match. The footage is lightly grainy with soft colors. There’s a distinctive flicker to the images that is mesmerizing, and once you hear the sound of film hitting sprockets, you’ll never forget it. Roll the film!

We’re here to showcase the simple beauty of your day. Authenticity as it’s purest. - not with drones on high or special effects - but with Kodachrome reels, the click-clack of rolling film no Instagram filter can match. 

Sing me a song. But have it tell me a story. Not some tall tale. But of places where I’ve been. And of where I want to be. Of faces I have known. And of things for which I’m longing. - Scott Wright (Balladeer)