Kallie + Jason

I'm not sure where to start, other than with Chris himself: his ability to capture small, intimate moments on a momentous (and stressful) day is topped only by his generosity and gorgeous artistry. I'm a fairly particular person when it comes to photography and videography, and for our wedding, it was important to have someone who let it unfold naturally and capture us and all of it in a way that felt true to who we were. I have an old soul and a love for running around in fields - being able to have sweet moments alone to do just that on our wedding day, and then to rewatch the day on Super 8 film and to have it captured as it felt in the moment...uff, I'm so glad Chris was there. Not only did we get see moments we missed unfold in real time - my twin nieces running down the aisle and splashing in puddles during the speeches, friends meeting each other for the first time while petting llamas, parents blinking back tears - but we get to relive a perfect day that went entirely too fast in a really real and raw way. To see my husband's face as I walked toward him, to feel again the certainly mixed with nerves, to discover how my father and I make the same tear-fighting face, and to have it feel timeless is such a delight. There's something magical about how the Super 8 turned out - much credit do to the magician here behind the camera - that avoids the artifice some wedding films can take on. Chris wove it together lovingly, and it was a joy to share with parents, my grandmother, and the flower girls themselves. We'll watch many times over...plus, we love that he let us get a glimpse of each other from behind the lens. You won't regret going with Balladeer Films - there are so few videographers out there willing to straight Super 8, and Chris is one of the best.