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Reaching the pinnacle of its popularity in the 1970’s, instant film uses chemicals to self-develop a print shortly after a photo is taken. “Polaroid” is the iconic brand and term often used referring to the whole of instant photography, but in reality only makes up a part.

Balladeer Films loves all the various forms of instant photography available and so will you.


family photo 2018-1.jpg

photo by Eric Lundgren

Hello, I’m ryan.

I remember photographing a wedding, years ago, and after taking out my Polaroid and snapping a quick photo of a couple kids playing, then giving the print to one of the kids, overheard him say something profound.

kid 1 - “Where’s the picture?”

kid 2 - “Just wait, it’s still loading.”

Ever since that moment, I’ve made using instant film a priority. I don’t want the digital age to replace the sacredness of the tangible and using instant film is a big part of my solution.

I think holding a curated collection of instant prints from your wedding day is unlike anything else offered in the industry.

Perfectly imperfect.