Birch Hill Barn goes Vintage for Stylized Wedding

A Vintage Barn Wedding

Super 8 Wedding Videos

This beautifully styled vintage wedding video takes place in the famously renovated Birch Hill Barn. Filming this couple, I knew the story. One of love and intimate moments for a perfectly small wedding. So the stage was set with the most amazing vendors to create the atmosphere, decor, and style. I used multiple cameras in capturing this day. The combination of digital/modern videography and super 8 vintage cameras felt like they went hand in hand. I wanted to capture the era the designers were creating by filming on cameras created during the same time. Then compliment it with sharp details and stylings of modern wedding videography. My favorite frame is above. It reminds of a painting. Two people in love walking up hillside. I won’t go into metaphors or symbolism. Sometimes, we just have to let an image be what it is. :)

An Outdoor Super 8 Wedding In Minnesota

A Vintage Outdoor Wedding

One of my favorite frames. It’s timeless.

One of my favorite frames. It’s timeless.

Kallie and Jason decided to get married in Northfield, Minnesota on a Llama Farm. Yes! a Llama Farm! We were able to film the entire wedding on Super 8 cameras and create a vintage look that really matched the surrounding aesthetic and more importantly their personalities. A lover of all things vintage, Kallie and Jason’s wedding was a tribute to nature, their family, and most importantly love.