a Super 8 Film Company offering vintage movies to the modern day Couple.


Our Super 8 Films

Our Super 8 wedding films evoke nostalgia and timelessness of generations past. We film on old movie cameras made back in the 60’s and 70’s. Our approach is the same no matter the medium. We strive to create beautiful, intimate films that will last a lifetime. Literally.


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Photo by:  Geneoh

Photo by: Geneoh

Meet The Filmmaker

Like most of us, I have many labels. I’m a husband, father, son, friend, filmmaker, adopted pet lover, home remodeler, pancake connoisseur (note “wedding videographer” isn’t one…). At heart, I love filmmaking - the raw, emotional, authentic, first-take kind. I started in the digital world but never felt I fit in there. I want to film what captivates me about all the roles we play - the millions of little points connected by feelings, thoughts, words, and sensations between people. I want to craft films that are authentically true to who we are as humans and the connections that mold us.
- Chris